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Kat’s Friend Lang

Published June 16, 2016 by megchristo


Lang Ju 3

Lang with her friends

Kat has been an amazing, fabulous, funny, spirited, awesome addition to our family.  She is sweet and thoughtful and a great human being.  Kat has been in our family for 8 months, and she has made the transition with more grace and courage than I thought was humanly possible.

The hardest part for Kat has been the loss of her deep friendships in the orphanage.  They were very, very close.  They were a family.  Before we left Beijing Kat asked if she could buy a Barbie to send to her friend Lang back at the orphanage.  She knew that Lang would miss her very much because Kat was like her big sister.  Watching Kat pick out the doll, and write a note to sweet Lang made me tear up.  In her note, she asked Lang to be happy and to never forget her. I couldn’t even imagine the internal strength my daughter had to write that note to her beloved friend, and continue on the journey with two crazy Americans she had just met 3 days prior.  I immediately began asking questions to Kat about Lang, which was difficult because of the language barrier.  The CCAI rep helped bridge that gap.  I asked her if she would request that Lang’s file begin to be prepared.  She made the request.  When Lang’s teacher asked her if she wanted to be adopted, Lang hesitated.  She was afraid of leaving all she knew.  She was afraid of being half a world away from the foster family she once lived with and loves deeply.  She hesitated too long for the teacher.  He reported back that Lang did not want to be adopted.  I was sad for Lang and for Kat, but I also understood.  Agreeing to be adopted is a huge decision.  You have to be willing to take a huge leap of faith to leave everything you know (food, language, friends, culture, school, etc), and head into a world you can’t possibly begin to understand.  Around Christmas time Kat was FaceTiming with her friends back in China.  I was able to virtually “meet” Lang.  She has the sweetest smile!  She was so adamant that she did want a family.  She did want to be adopted.  I told Kat that Lang had to tell the teacher.  I couldn’t do anything.

In a world of too few second chances, Lang has been given a second chance!  The teacher very wisely waited and made sure she wouldn’t hesitate again.  She hasn’t wavered!   She wants a family!!!  They are preparing her file!  Here is the leap of faith I am asking of you…yes YOU!  Her file will not be available for 2-4 months.  She turns 14 on February 5th.  Once she turns 14, she will  not be able to be adopted.  YOU must begin the process now….before her file is ready.

Lang is a sweet, loving 13 year old girl.  She has dwarfism, and is amazing.  All of the kids really love her.  Kat says that she is very smart too!  She does go to school (which is AWESOME).  I am happy to answer any questions about adoption, the process, and help get you started!  Kat is happy to answer any questions about Lang.  She is very much wanting to help her friend find a fabulous family.  Here are Kat’s exact words,

“I have a friend called Lang.  She needs a blessed family very much.  Lang is born in February 5, 2003.  She grew up in a loving and caring foster family.  Few years later she move to the orphanage.  She lived in the orphanage happily, but that is still not as good as having a blessed family.  She need parents that will love her forever.  She is 4th grade and is doing very well.  She likes Barbie.  She is very lively, spirited, and adorable person.  A family needs her because she will make them happy!  So, can somebody please adopt her?! She doesn’t have much time left!!! If you can’t adopt her, then pass the news to everybody else!!!”

Let’s find Lang’s family!!  Are you her family? Lang Ju1IMG_5840.JPG