What About Gabe?

Published May 1, 2016 by megchristo

What will Gabe’s life be like now?  After we found out Carsten had Down syndrome, MJ and I were so worried about a lot of things.  Fear crept into our brains, and we began to tell ourselves “stories” of the shadows that were hiding in our future, in Carsten’s future, and in Gabe’s future.  How would Gabe feel about his brother?  What would their relationship look like? How many fights would Gabe get into protecting his little brother?

It didn’t take long for us to see the strong bond that was forming between Gabe and Carsten. Gabe cherished his brother, and Carsten couldn’t take his eyes off of Gabe.


I swear….that fish was this big!


Just look straight ahead! That’s where we are headed.

Stick with me Kid

Stick with me kid!



As they have grown, Gabe is always sure to include his brother’s when he has friends over.  He is quick to defend Carsten, and ask friends to leave if he thinks they are being unkind to Carsten.  Gabe is Carsten’s hero.  To this day, they prefer to share the same room.  They always defend each other.  I love watching them interact.  The kids that Gabe hang out with ALWAYS include Carsten.  They treat him like one of the crew, and I think that is amazing!  What a great group of kids Gabe has as his friends!

unnamed-3 copy

An interesting conversation happened this weekend.  My cousin, Erin, came over to ask Elle Belle to be her flower girl.  I was asking Erin and Nate who their maid of honor and best man would be.  Gabe’s friend, Tanner, turned to him and asked, “How will you decide who your best man will be?  You have three brothers!”  Gabe quickly answered, “That’s easy.  It’s Carsten!”  His quick, no nonsense answer made me grin.  I immediately thought back to the early hours of learning Carsten had Down syndrome, and how much MJ and I were worried about Gabe.  What about Gabe?  What will this mean for his life?  Those worries, questions, and fears seem silly now.

As for what the future holds, I have learned that I have no clue.  I have given up guessing, and am resigned to the fact that it isn’t for me to know.  I do know what Gabe says will happen in the future, and Carsten is in full agreement.  Gabe says that Carsten and he will live together.  When I ask, “What about your future wife, Gabe?”  He is quick to answer that she will love Carsten as much as he does, or he won’t get married.  I understand that Gabe’s future is completely for him to find. At the ripe old age of 13, I believe Gabe is as clueless about what the future holds as I am.  I love his heart though.  If Carsten and Gabe demand to live together, I may have to buy the neighbors house because I can’t imagine being without either of them.


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