Four Days with Kat and the Eve of holding Eve

Published October 11, 2015 by megchristo

We have had a great few days with Kat in Beijing.  We arrived in Zhengzhou this afternoon.  The last couple of days in Beijing were action packed.

On Friday, we traveled a couple of hours to the northwest of Beijing to a small village to visit Kat’s foster family.  Kat lived with them for 8 years.  It was a very beautiful drive into the mountains.  We passed the three rings of the great wall on our drive.  Once we arrived to the village, the foster mother waved us into the right street from the highway.  The villagers were mostly farmers including Kat’s foster family.  They grew corn, millet, apples, and grapes.  When Kat introduced us to each other she said, “Mom, mom.”  It was sweet.  Her foster family lived very simply, and were very kind.  She actually had a foster grandma, grandpa, dad, and mom all living together.  They made us tea and offered us fruit that they had picked for us.  They offered to take us to lunch, but in Chinese culture the hosts pay.  We felt this would be too big of a burden, so we politely declined. After about an hour of chatting, we gave each other our good wishes and gratitude, and we headed back to Beijing.  I am so glad we had the opportunity to meet these wonderful people who are so important to Kat.  We have a great deal to thank them for. I am sure that much of Kat’s loving and out going personality comes from what they showed her and gave to her in the form of love and family.

Kat and her wonderful foster family.

Kat and her wonderful foster family.

This is a picture that the foster family had of Kat as a little girl.  They were not sure of the age.

This is a picture that the foster family had of Kat as a little girl. They were not sure of the age.

When we arrived back in Beijing we walked to the forbidden city, Tiananmen Square, and snack street.  This time I was brave enough to try fruit on a stick covered in sugar.  I just couldn’t go for any of the bugs, reptiles, or sea creatures.  One very funny moment was when I asked what the street vendors were hollering at me.  She looked at me strange and said, “Hello! Hello! Hello!”  I said, “Well, I guess it does make sense that they say that to the white girl.”  We all got a good laugh about that.

Matt and Kat at the Forbidden City.  Kat is a bit of a daddy's girl!

Matt and Kat at the Forbidden City. Kat is a bit of a daddy’s girl!

Enjoying sugar covered fruit on a stick on snack street.  Kat will love the Iowa State Fair!!

Enjoying sugar covered fruit on a stick on snack street. Kat will love the Iowa State Fair!!

On Saturday, we finalized Kat’s adoption.  We had go to the civil affairs office, notary office, and passport office.  While we were at the notary office we found out some very interesting information about Kat’s past in her abandonment certificate.  None of the information was a surprise to her.  She knows everything, and takes it all in stride.  She is unshakeable.  I just kept looking at her in shock.  She just would shrug, and ask me if I was ok.  I would just shake my head and say, “I just don’t understand.”  She would reassure me that it was all ok.  I feel like this information is Kat’s, and isn’t for me to share.  If someday she wishes to share it, that’s great.  I really just wanted to share the story to show how stoic and unflappable Kat is.  She really amazes me.  After all the i’s were dotted and t’s were crossed, we went to a late lunch.  During lunch I must have kept looking at Kat in awe.  Our guide asked if I was ok.  I said I was ok.  I once again feel like I am getting to enjoy this amazing daughter, and somehow I feel guilty for stealing this joy from someone else.  It is such a strange feeling that is very hard to explain.  We sure are enjoying her though.  She makes Matt and I laugh so much!  After lunch she asked if she could send a Barbie back to her best friend in the orphanage.  We said, “Of course!”  We went to pick out a Barbie for her friend.  Her friend is 12, and has dwarfism.  She should us pictures of her, and said, “Isn’t she so cute!”  We agreed that she was indeed.  She wrote a note to her friend sending her good wishes, and asking her to never forget her.  Kat is so thoughtful and loving.  Have I mentioned how amazing she is?!?!

Today we finally were able to meet some of the other families in our group.  I think all of them were as smitten with Kat as we are.  She helped translate for our group several times.  While we were in the lobby we had a Chinese man come up to us to talk.  He had lived in LA for 10 years, and just wanted to speak with Americans.  He asked where we lived.  We said Iowa.  He looked at Kat, and said, “I know you are Chinese.”  She said, “No!  I am from Iowa!”  Matt and I both looked at him and shook our heads yes.  We loved it!  We love how much she calls us mom and dad.  In public, she wants to make it clear that we are her mom and dad, so we hear it often.  It makes our hearts sing!

We received information on Eve this afternoon too.  It says that she is afraid of strangers and cries a lot.  We showed Kat the information, and she looked at me and shrugged.  She said, “She need you mom. I will be with dad.”  I smiled and said, “We will see.”  So on the eve before Eve, we enjoyed some laughs over Burger King.  We also are trying to mentally prepare ourselves for a very scared and crying 2 1/2 year old.  Please pray for peace in Eve’s heart, and for her to see the love in our hearts.  Ready or not here we come baby girl!!

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