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Why Not?!

Published September 25, 2015 by megchristo

MJ and I have been debating back in forth how to do this…when to do this…if to do this.  Many options have been thought of. The option that best fits our Christofferson style is to announce via our blog.  So here it is….

We are adopting two more daughters from China!

There…that wasn’t so hard.  Hello….are you still there?  Hello?  Yes!  We know that we are crazy.  In MJ’s defense, really it’s me who is crazy….like completely crazy!  MJ just loves me enough, and believes in the strength of our marriage and family to say yes.  😉  He really is perfectly normal and logical.  Me on the other hand…well you know….I think I can do anything….almost anything….actually…I don’t think I can climb Everest….so there’s that.  I do have limits!

A little about our daughters.  We will first be adopting an almost 14 year old girl from Beijing.  We will be naming her Katina Marie WeiBo, and calling her Kat.  Katina is my sister-in-law’s middle name, and I adore her.  The middle name Marie is after a  best friend of mine who is always super supportive and loving of me and my family.  From the videos we have seen of Kat, she looks absolutely determined, funny, and sweet.  What a perfect match for this tribe.  We have been racing against the clock to get to her in time.  Her 14th birthday is on October 13th.  If we don’t have her adoption finalized but the 12th, she will not be able to be adopted.  After a lot of uncertainty, we now know that we will meet her on the 8th, and we will beat her birthday.  We became aware of Kat in the late night hours of August 11th.  We have felt very led to her, so we have moved heaven and earth to make this happen.  On August 7th, Carsten had a bit of an accident.  All ended very well…he didn’t have a scratch on him, and he just needed a couple shots of Rocephin.  However in the midst of the accident I promised God that I would pay him back for the miracle of allowing me to keep Carsten.  I promised that when I could be someone’s hope or someone’s miracle to make it clear, and I would follow through without hesitation.  Then the evening of August 11th I was scrolling through FB before bed.  I saw a post written by a young lady who had been adopted by a family in Maryland as a teen.  She posted using her mom’s profile.  She asked for a family to please adopt her friend in Beijing.  She said that her friend wanted a family so badly, but that she had given up hope because it was too close to her 14th birthday.  She told us that her family didn’t have time to hesitate.  That they must step forward now.  As I read the post I had a complete sense of calm and knowing wash over me.  I knew that this was what we were meant to do.  This was the person we were meant to give hope to…that she would be our daughter.  Calm in the same paragraph as teenage girl seems odd…I know.  I immediately FB messaged her mom to find out Kat’s Chinese name and birthdate.  Oddly enough she was just leaving Iowa after visiting a mutual friend, but we did not know of each other before this interaction.  What are the chances of that?  I then sent an email to our adoption agency asking if they could locate her file, and if we could add her to our adoption (we were already planning on adopting our other daughter, but were in the early, early stages and still looking at 10 months of paperwork and process ahead of us).  CCAI called me the next morning.  Judy from CCAi said, “Wow!  What do you know about this girl?  Her file is 6-7 years old with no updates.”  I told her a little about the why.  She then said, “Megan, if you look at this on paper it isn’t possible.  However if anyone can do it, it’s you.”  We then started the process of beating the clock.  Luckily we have had help from Iowa’s two senators and our congressman.  Senator Ernst’s office has done a ton of pushing on our behalf.  CCAI has so much experience they knew all of the buttons to push and levers to pull. It was certainly a team effort.  I may or may not have also sent a letter to the White House.  They actually had someone call us back.  Overkill you say?  Have you met me?

Our other daughter will become the baby of the family.  She is 2 1/2, and is in Zhengzhou.  She is adorable, and looks like a strong-willed little girl.  Again…what a perfect fit for our family.  We have decided to name her Genevieve Jo Li, and we will call her Eve.  Genevieve is the patron saint of Paris.  MJ and I LOVED Paris, so we have warm feelings towards the name.  Also my sister from another mister’s middle name is Jeanne.  She told me that her mother loved the name Genevieve, and always wanted to use it.  Jo will be after my mother-in-law who is always here when we need her.

We will start our journey to our daughters on October 5th.  We are very blessed to have such a strong village here to hold the fort down while we are away.  I can’t say enough positive things about Sean and Jo.  MJ and I don’t have to worry about a thing knowing that they can handle our tribe of 6 like it’s a normal Tuesday.  However if you would like to bring over dinner or take the kids to the park or anything like that I think they would love the help.   I am so grateful for them.  Maybe we need to adopt a 9th to call him Sean…. 😉  Just kidding!  Eight is Enough….wait…that sounds vaguely familiar. 😉

Please send us prayers and positive thoughts as we embark on this journey.  Please pray for our daughters’ hearts as this will surely be a tough transition on them.


Here are our daughters.  Remember Kat’s file is 6-7 years old, so her picture is very out dated.  We can’t wait to meet both of them, and bring them home to our family!