Finally….Our Journey to Bo!

Published July 26, 2015 by megchristo

On Tuesday, it will have been one year since MJ, Gabe, Elle, and I traveled to China to officially make Bo a part of our family.  Sooooooo…better late than never… is a video of our journey to Bo!

One year later I can’t imagine our family without Bo.  His adoption and acclimation to our family and vice versa has been so….dare I say….easy.  He is an amazingly sweet, clever, and loving little guy!  What a blessing he is!  As always, I am happy, happy, happy to talk to anyone about our experience adopting.  I hope that our video may inspire you to think about adoption, or at least smile with us as you watch our treasured moments.

A huge THANK YOU to three awesome people and photographers.  First to Renee Booe for capturing the wonderful pictures of us waiting for Bo, meeting Bo, and of the four of us 5 days after our first meeting.  She left her family for one week to come and capture these precious moments for us, and left one of my great friends!  Secondly, to Amy Doerring and her son Cole who met us in a Beijing park to snap some super awesome pictures of Elle.  I can’t see or think of Lotus flowers without thinking of our afternoon together sweating our way through the park.  Are you sure Cole can’t wait for Elle? 🙂 Last by not least, to Britney Brown who met us in the Des Moines airport to capture the first time we were together as a family of eight!!  I think you can tell we missed each other….a lot!

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