Spur on Love

Published September 22, 2014 by megchristo

We were very fortunate to have a professional photographer meet us in China to photograph our family while in Zhengzhou. She was with us in the moments leading up to holding Bo for the first time and for several days after. Her name is Renee Booe, and I am lucky enough to now call her my friend!

We meet for the first time in the Zhengzhou airport. Instantly I knew we would be great friends! Our mutual friend, Mary Rossow Lewis, connected us via Facebook. It’s amazing what can happen via Facebook and a blog! Mary asked if I would be willing to have a photographer meet us in China to capture “Gotcha Day.” I immediately said of course because…hello…what a gift!!! Renee is currently living in Japan with her hubby and their two beautiful children. She felt called to do something more with her gift of photography, so she started a non profit called “Spur On Love.” The mission is to use her photography to spur others on to love! We were her first project! What an honor!!!!

Please take a look at her project, her website, and if you would so like you can donate to help her keep going on her mission!! She will be sharing the other wonderful families in our travel group’s stories and pictures. Keep checking her site to see more, or sign up for notifications. 🙂 Renee is an amazing person, and I am so thankful for her being with us. I am so grateful for these wonderful pictures that so show all of the emotion going on in those few days. Please also share on Facebook Renee’s page, so it can reach more people to spur on love!!


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