10 Things I Always Want My Children to Remember

Published September 3, 2014 by megchristo

So it’s a little after midnight, and I can’t sleep. My mind is racing with lessons and words of wisdom I want my children to remember. When they are 80, I want them to look at their grandkiddos and say, “Your great-grandmother Megan always said….blah…blah…blah, and that’s how she lived her life.” So here it goes. I am sure I am not the first person to say these things, but they are still important.

1. Fear is a liar. Fear is a no good coward who keeps you from being the person you really want to be. Fear will tell you your dreams are impossible. It will tell you you aren’t good enough, smart enough, strong enough. Fear is almost always irrational…unless you are in a dark alley and hear strange noises.. Fear is a dirty liar. Slap fear in the face, and push yourself. By the way, fear is the ONLY thing you can slap. You may not slap your siblings, me, the dog, etc. Don’t let fear stop you from being amazing!

I am actually laughing to myself because I use the fear of the “Bedtime Monster” to get my children upstairs and into their beds at night. This tactic actually works, which means two things: #1. I am a genius. #2. I am a terrible excuse for a mother. Fine kids you got me. The “Bedtime Monster” isn’t real. Some nights I am just disparate to get some sleep.

2. Today is the best day EVER!!!!! This is what you got….right now. What happened yesterday doesn’t matter, and what will happen tomorrow is just a figment of your imagination. Enjoy the moment you have today. Breath it all in for the awesomeness it is. Enjoy the colors, sounds, and people around you. Smile because today is beautiful.

3. If money can fix your problem, then you don’t have a problem. This one is my dad’s favorite line…or maybe it’s my favorite of my dad’s many lines. I remember when he would say that to me when I was younger I would think, “Yay, easy to say when you have money.” Now I get it. I look at my life and think I do not have one real problem….not one. Wow! Life get’s a little easier and has a little less stress when you realize you have no real problems. I think my whole family needs a shirt that says that. “We Have No Problems.” I see a family portrait in the near future! Maybe we can make one of those “best/worst family photo lists.” Apparently I need to order the cards through Walmart to get on that list. Consider it done!

4. Speak up!!! When you see injustice, speak up! When no one else is being the voice for the voiceless, speak up! When you see an underdog or friend that needs encouragement, speak up! When you see wrong doing, speak up! You can make all the difference. When you speak, speak from a place of love…speak of love….speak of possibilities….speak of acceptance….speak of a world without boundaries.

5. Be happy. No matter what you choose to do with your life, choose it because it makes your soul sing. Life is short. Everyone will have opinions on what will make you happy…even your dad and me. It comes from a place of love, but we can’t tell you what will make your heart happy. Follow your heart because it will lead you to great and beautiful places.

6. Don’t let others define you. That is 100% your job. Figure out who you are, and let it shine through you and onto others. Other people’s opinions about you and your life do not matter. The only opinion that matters is yours. Isn’t that empowering?

7. Approach every obstacle with a good dose of humor. Other’s may not appreciate your humor or think it isn’t funny at all, but see number 6. The humor is for you…not them. If they appreciate it too, then great. It’s an added bonus. If people found me half as funny as I found myself, I’d be as popular as Ellen DeGeneres. Clearly I am not, but that doesn’t stop me from laughing so hard I cry at my own jokes. Just ask me about Gabe and the pink scooter in China. I still roll with laughter on that one!

8. Life isn’t always easy. At some point you are bound to be faced with real problems or what seems to be a real problem in the moment. Preserver. Dig deeper. Make lemonade out of lemons. These are the moments where true character is built. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by to be a better you!

9. Forgive. Holding on to hurt keeps your heart from healing and growing. Categorizing all the things that someone did to you or said bad about you only holds you back. You don’t have to keep these people in your life, but don’t harbor hatred. Forgive and move on. God only gave you so many tears. You don’t want to waste them all on one person or event. Someday you may need those tears. 🙂 Most importantly, forgive yourself. We are human, and therefore mess up everyday. Acknowledge your mistakes. Learn from them. Forgive yourself. You are too busy to spend time beating yourself up!

10. Love is the strongest force in the world. When you see how much needs to be done in the world, it’s hard to know where to start. The important thing to do is to start! Leave this world a little better than how you found it. Yes, you will have critics. It seems that when people are doing something it makes those that aren’t feel a little uneasy. The easiest thing for them to do is criticize. Smile at the critics, and keep moving forward. There is a lot to do out there. Never give up on the power of exerting love into the world. I guarantee the world will smile back. You may not be able to see the smile, but you will feel it!

I love you my darlings….more than you will ever comprehend….to the moon and back!


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