Bo Hansen Zhi Christofferson

Published August 10, 2014 by megchristo

Bo has been our son for almost two weeks after living in my heart for two years, and living for almost exactly 6 years in an orphanage. He has endured more in his short life than most of us can even imagine….not even in our worst nightmares.

We have loved learning who our son is, and seeing his personality begin to blossom. Bo is sweet, clever, mischievous, curious, and fun loving. A few nights ago I received my first kisses from Bo! It was a great moment. My favorite look Bo gives is when he is doing something he knows he shouldn’t. He turns of his million watt smile, and shows off his adorable dimples. MJ and I will need to get better at resisting that smile. We also love to hear him sing and dance. It is the sweetest thing you have ever seen and heard!

For the last two weeks, Bo has been trying to keep up with Christofferson speed of life. I can’t imagine going from a world where you never left an orphanage to the fast pace the last two weeks have been. Taxi rides to here, buses to there, a subway ride to yonder, and plane rides across half the world. Once we are home I am afraid there will be a lot more to get use to….mom’s cooking, a new bed, more sibling, school starting, English, etc.
I am not sure how to prepare all of our family and friends on how tiny Bo is. Even though he is six, he looks more like a 2 year old. He is a tiny little peanut, but wants to do must things on his own. When he sleeps, he looks so much like a baby. He is about the same size Gabe and Griffin were at 1 year old. I am pretty sure Mae will be taller than him. I know she weighs more.

Disneyland Hong Kong was quite a treat! We all loved watching Bo’s eyes light up and get as big as saucers. Such precious memories we made.

Today Gabe, MJ, and I were more than ready to get home. Elle apparently loves hotel living…..either that or the pools. In the beginning and ending of the trip I was so glad you brought Elle and Gabe. In the middle of the trip (in particular Zhengzhou), I questioned our decision to bring Elle Belle. It is a hard, gruelling trip with not much time for fun or silliness. She struggled a bit watching MJ and I give our attention to Bo. She was unsure of her place even though we reassured her often. By the time we got to Guangzhou, she was doing better. By Hong Kong, she was her normal self! Yay!!

Bo did not recognize Elle. Oddly enough he did look at pictures on my iPad. I had some of Elle on Gotcha Day 18 months ago. He yelled, “Yue Yan!” when he saw her picture. I said, “That’s Elle. Yes! Yue Yan is Elle!” He looked at Elle, and shook his head no. Elle just shrugged. I ask Elle if she remembers Bo. She says, “Yes, of course!” When we FaceTime home, all the kids can’t wait to see Bo…especially Griffin. I think Griffin is excited to have another brother to lead around. Bo yells, “Mae Mae!” when he sees her. She puts both hands over her mouth and giggles. Carsten requests to see all of us to give us his smiles. That kiddo steals my heart even half a world away

Gabe has been wonderful through the whole trip. Not because we was exactly helpful, but he was never a problem. I could always count on him for a shiny smile or a positive comment. That was priceless. He says he will adopt 6 children…4 boys and 2 girls. Last night Elle said she was going to adopt three…2 girls and 1 boy. My children have never mentioned a desire to adopt before this trip. Of course they still may not, but I love seeing a light turn on in their hearts! His trip has awakened them both in some way. Perhaps it has sparked a love for humanity. It has has wrestled awake the knowledge of more than just our over indulgent world we live in. Our problems pale in comparison to how others in our world live.

Tonight we will all finally be home together as a family of 8. We will begin to search for our new normal. It will take time, but it will be well worth it! I love my big family!!! I love being home together…finally….all under one roof…all of the birdies in the nest!


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