Oh My Heart!!!

Published July 28, 2014 by megchristo

Finally….Bo is in our arms. He makes my heart pitter patter! He is so cute, sweet, and loving! His personality is curious, sweet, and mischievous. I love how he knows his own mind. When we were walking over to sign paperwork, I went to pick him up. He shook his head, and sat down. He then offered me his hand. He was definitely telling me, “Mama…I am a big boy. I can walk.” I love his spirit!

Now to talk about the day. This morning we boarded the bus to head to the registration office. Once there we had to wait almost two hours for Bo to arrive. He was the very last one to come. I was pacing anxiously waiting for him. When I saw his adorable face, I melted. I was so happy and relieved and in love. He never cried. He looked scared and confused, but stayed strong! He is such a brave boy!

Tonight we went to Walmart, and he loved picking out new Pleasant Goat toys and new shoes. He wanted to hold all of it. He is already calling me Mama, MJ Baba, and Gabe GaGa. Elle is still unnamed. Awwwww!!!

Now for the gut wrenching part of the story. Bo has huge scars everywhere. I am not sure I have ever seen scars so large. They are on his head, neck, chest, arm, and legs. I wasn’t going to mention them to the guides because what’s the point. However they noticed them, and immediately called the orphanage workers. The workers said that he came with them. Then they called back and said they weren’t sure. We will never know the truth. Gabe is really upset about this. He is demanding justice. Someone must pay! How could anyone do that? We tried to calm him down as best as we could even though it broke our heart too. His past is his past. We can’t change it. We can only change his future.

We are totally and completely in love with Bo….all of us. ❤️






2 comments on “Oh My Heart!!!

  • I love you so much for the love you give so easily to your children. I love that Gabe is so protective. And I love the most that Bo will never suffer that kind of cruelty again. I cannot wait to see how he blossoms in the loving arms of his mommy and daddy and all his siblings. The world is much better with you in it Megs….

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