Adoption Milestones and Child Care

Published March 16, 2014 by megchristo

Well….it only took about 13 months, but we have our adoption video done!! The girls love watching it. They scream, “There is me! That’s my China!” I am glad we finally have it documented!

Watching it brings tears to my eyes! I can’t believe how far we have come. When I see the video, I can smell all of the smells, and my heart beats a little faster feeling all of the feelings again! Adopting has been the single best decision we have made as a couple. What a leap of faith! It hasn’t been easy, but nothing worth doing in life ever is. I think MJ and I now fully realize that we can do ANYTHING as long as we do it together!

Also on Friday our dossier to adopt Bo was sent to China. One step closer to our son!! What a wonderful thing to celebrate this weekend! I also think we are a little closer to talking Gabe into traveling to China with us. He is starting to ask questions like, “If I go to China, will we go to Hong Kong too?”

This weekend I also took all five kiddos to Columbia, MO to visit the Lammers. I wasn’t sure how well it was going to go, since I was flying solo, but we all had a fabulous time! It was great catching up, and seeing all of the old spots. We ate sushi at Osaka, went swimming, played at the Lammers, went to Rock Bridge State Park, and played at Going Bonkers. I was a little sad that Gabe didn’t even remember our house, but I suppose time marches on. No one was quite ready to head home, but I think Daddy missed us!

This week we are also awaiting the arrival of our Au Pair!! Her name is Jenny, and she is from Shenzhen, China. She will be a great addition to this crazy house! All of the kids are excited to meet her, and she seems very excited to be working with the kids. Jenny is a very positive, energetic, smart young woman with an infectious smile. She has a college degree in engineering, and wants to experience life in America. I hope the girls start speaking more Mandarin again. Hopefully I can pick up some more too!!! 🙂 Not to mention she can help me step up my Chinese cooking!! All of us are excited for that!

I need to also send a shout out and huge thank you to our fill in nanny extraordinary….Mary Spaulding!!! She has been wonderful with the kids, and she keeps our house in tip top shape. She even organized our pantry! Can you say amazing?!?! Thank you Mary for stepping in and doing an amazing job with the kids and the house. MJ and I are forever thankful!

2 comments on “Adoption Milestones and Child Care

  • Gorgeous video, Megan! So beautiful; of course I cried all the way through. What an amazing journey you all are on! CAN’T WAIT for the new addition. I am in awe of you all. Blessings!!

  • Of Course I’m bawling! Loved it! I just will never get over how brave and wonderful you and Matt are for saving their little lives! Watching this is truly like watching a miracle unfold. I love you friend!

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