Published February 9, 2014 by megchristo

What an amazing trip and amazing people! We have packed a lot of sight seeing into three days. We have seen 6 beautiful Hindu temples, a coffee plantation, a volcano, silver smiths, bitik, rice paddies, rain forest, bamboo forest, small villages, stone carvers, monkeys, and more. It is really an amazing, spiritual place.

Yesterday we did a 16 mile long bike ride through small villages and rice paddies. It was breathtakingly beautiful, and the people were so kind. Their type of farming is all by hand, and they spend most of the day in their fields.  I can’t wait to tell my dad (who farms) that he doesn’t even know what hard work is! 😉 He loves to tell me that my job isn’t even really a job….talking to people all day isn’t work…..and of course that’s what he boils my job down to…..talking.

After the bike tour, I asked to visit an orphanage. This was puzzling for the tour guide because no one had ever asked to do that before. I also asked to pick up candy and cookies to take to the orphanage. The orphanage was ran by one man and his wife. They had 70 children living with them. 70….70….70. That makes my 5 going on 6 look like nothing. They shelter, feed, and educate all 70. He said that the villagers trust him to do right by the children. He has 8 of his own children. He followed us to the car to tell us that he actually only had 2 and adopted the other 6. He couldn’t say that in the orphanage because the 6 didn’t know they were adopted, and he didn’t want them to find out. I thanked him for opening his home to us, and that I was impressed with his heart. Did I mention he was 79?  Whenever I feel tired from now on I will think of him and dig a little deeper.  It was fun to visit with him. He was very proud of his work with the children….as he should be.





Seeing the fortune teller from Eat, Pray, Love was fun. He is nearly 100 years old. He told me that MJ was my soul mate, and I was lucky to have met him….agreed. He said I have good luck, I am an influencer, am impatient, and will live a long life.

Well…off to see more! What a blessing this vacation has been. Life is good!!!



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