The Windy City

Published March 18, 2013 by megchristo

Well…we have tackled the Field Museum, Chinatown, Science and Industry Museum, shopping, deep dish pizza, dim sim, AND……American Girl store! Do you know how long I have waited to shop at the American Girl store with my daughter? I have longed to over pay for dolls for years! They have taunted me for nearly a decade by sending me their catalogs full of girly cuteness at premium prices. I tried to talk Gabe into a boy bitty baby twin, but he never wavered at his dislike of dolls. Now today I entered girlie heaven with my three oldest children, but most importantly my oldest daughter! We both had smiles on our faces! The anticipation was intense! Which doll would Elle choose? The possibilities were endless! Would she choose a historic doll, a just like me doll, or a Bitty Baby? Drum roll please…..she chose the Bitty Baby girl twins with dark hair and almond shaped eyes. One she will give to her baby sister, Mae Mae. She is such a sweet girl!




The boys weren’t that excited about the experience. Carsten quickly found a comfy couch for him and Gabe to lounge on, and to wait for Elle’s big decision.

5 comments on “The Windy City

  • Oh my goodness…. TOO cute!! If memory serves, Mama had already purchased a baby for her baby at American Girl before her real princesses were a reality, no?
    I can not wait to get to that store with Amelie one day!!

  • Yay!!! Welcome to the AG party!!!! She will love her twins! We are taking Soph to the Dallas store in April. Sounds like a great trip! Miss you all, hugs and kisses!!!!!

  • I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this earlier but there’s another doll line that might interest you more than American Girl Karito Kids! Check them out on line. They are dolls from around the world! I bought the Italian doll, “Gia” for my daughter who just happens to share the same name! Karito has a doll from China named “Ling”. They are the same size as the AG dolls but much more price friendly. The store “Tuesday Morning” sometimes carries them along with the clothes.

    I really enjoy reading your updates on your family. Keep them coming!

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