Tender Moments

Published February 16, 2013 by megchristo

The last couple of days we have had several tender moments as a family that has set my heart singing.  The first one happened two nights ago in the middle of the night.  Elle woke up next to me, and I was sleeping on my stomach.  She leaned over me, kissed my head, and hugged my back for a long time.  I rolled over to give her a hug back, and she collapsed her head on my chest.  I whispered down to her that I loved her, and she lifted her head to give me a kiss.  How could a mother ask for more?  It was a perfect Valentine’s night present!

Last night Griffin, Elle, and I went into the hot tub.  Elle wasn’t sure she was up for it at first, but quickly started enjoying it.  Elle and Griffin laughed and laughed and laughed.  They even went in for big hugs together.  Afterwards they both jumped in a bath together to continue the fun.  To see two of your kiddos enjoying each other so much, was fabulous!

Today at a friend’s birthday party (happy birthday Chase!), Mae and Carsten crawled up on a swing with me.  Neither one cared that they were sharing my lap.  Both were totally happy in my lap, and enjoyed swinging together.  Mae Mae continues to be my social butterfly!  At the birthday party she went up to my friend Amy, and held her hands up for Amy to hold her.  I think it melted Amy’s heart just a little! 🙂  

After naps, Gabe, Carsten, Elle, and Griffin all went outside to play on our swing set.  They were laughing and running and chasing.  It was great.  Gabe is so great and patient with all of his siblings.  Right now we are watching Mulan, and waiting for our pizza.  Elle is happily perched on big brother Gabe’s lap.

Did I mention that Mae Mae is becoming more of momma’s girl?  All I needed was for daddy to go to work, and I knew she would come around! 😉


6 comments on “Tender Moments

  • Okay, you have your Colorado sidekick all teary-eyed and mushy-gushy, Miz extraordinary mommy! I feel so enormously happy for you, your family, and those precious girls. It’s a priceless win-win for every vital member of the Christofferson crew!!!!!!! Whoooo-Hooooo!!!!!!!!

  • I read and re-read this post two more times just because I loved it so!!! Megan, you are going to be so happy that you have recorded all of these memories. Elle and Mae Mae are going to LOVE reading them when they’re older!!! Keep enjoying your blessings!!!

  • What fantastic news!! So happy that everything is falling into place:)
    It is so inspiring to read ur blog. I feel ur joys and struggles as though they were my own. I am so thrilled for u all!!

  • Couldn’t be happier for you! I just love reading all of the updates and how everyone is coming together so wonderfully. You and Matt have worked so hard for this-enjoy every minute of it!

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