Allergic Reaction

Published February 5, 2013 by megchristo

Today has been exciting. We took the girls to the zoo. It was a nice zoo, but sticky warm today. We did not pack for this weather. The girls seemed to enjoy it after Elle was initially scared of the chimps.

Late this afternoon I started having an allergic reaction. I am not sure what to. I haven’t had this happen before. It started with my eyes swelling, and hurting. I thought maybe I was getting an infection in my eyes. Then we meet the other adoptive parents and families to go to dinner. On the walk there my throat started swelling, my voice changed, and my whole body itched. Luckily I had Benadryl with us. I sat down, and took two Benadryl and a Zyrtec. The dinner was great, but I wasn’t getting better. My lips started swelling too.  We left dinner early to head to the hotel. On the way out, a dad handed me his Epi pen with quick instructions. By the time we got back to the hotel, it was clear to me that I wasn’t getting better, but I wasn’t getting worse. MJ wanted to stab me with the Epi pens “just in case”. I said no, and I think it’s unhealthy how badly he wanted to stab me. He has promised he will try to hit my thigh tonight in the dark if I need it. I told him not to worry…I won’t leave him alone with 5 kiddos…..

Well I have taken another dose of Benadryl. Hopefully this works!  It’s certainly making me sleepy!

The girls continue to grow, progress, and thrive. They are not the same girls we met just over a week ago. Watching them blossom is so amazing and rewarding!  I love being a mom!  Can’t wait to get home, and have all 5 babies in my nest!

4 comments on “Allergic Reaction

  • Megan, so sorry to hear about your allergic reaction. Hope it has gone away. Did you figure out what you ate that caused it? (so you can stay away from eating it again). I would keep the EPI pen with you, since your throat and lips swelled. Does your hotel have a medical clinic? The White Swan has one, which we used. So good to hear that the girls are doing great! Can’t wait to see them in person.

  • Oh my goodness, Meg! If you need a little extra anti-histamine effect (though the benadryl and zyrtec was a good start) – you can add a zantac ( a little trick my cousin-in-law, the ER doc gave me years ago) – But I agree with Kathy, keep that Epi-pen handy – remember, an epi pen only buys you time to get to an ER, it doesn’t fix the problem, though you probably know this already, the pharmacist in me insists I counsel you:). You should make a diary of what you ate, that way if it happens again you can compare to the list. And only eat what you know on the plane back!! Wish you were home already, I’m gonna be in DM this Friday, giving a talk at IPA:( Next board mtg trip I’d love to meet your girls and catch up – travel safe, be well! xoxo

    • Kara….I think you will find this ironic. I think I developed an allergy to Levoquin. I used it once in the past with no problems. I wish I had Zantac with us. I didn’t pack it. That reaction wasn’t planned…;). Scary to have happened on China. I hope to see u soon!

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