Little Miss Mae Mae!

Published February 1, 2013 by megchristo

Consider yourself warned!  This girl is a heart stealer.  Lock up your sons because they don’t stand a chance. Mae Mae pulls you in with her big brown eyes, and sad little puppy dog look. Then she gives you a million watt smile. To seal the deal, she starts waving at you with both hands. At this point you are toast…you are putty in her hands. If she wants the moon, you will give the moon!

Mae is full of attitude, sweetness, and curiosity. Just watching how she walks makes me smile. She has a deep voice. When she babbles at you, she makes your heart start singing. It’s music to our ears!  She is a daddy’s girl already, and knows just what to do to get his attention. Watching the two of them together is adorable. Mae Mae loves to be held, and likes it when I put my face against hers, and start humming. She pushes her face in closer. It’s all apart of her charm!

Yesterday when we took the girls shopping, the Chinese people were very concerned that we didn’t have enough clothes on her. They kept tugging at her pants. For a while MJ tried to explain she had a layer on underneath.  I looked at him, and said not to bother. It still wasn’t enough clothes for them. We decided to buy her a new pair of pink shoes. The shoes we brought her were not big enough. She likes them, and keeps them on.  When we are out and about, she takes in everything. She looks around with her big, brown eyes as if to say, “so this is what I have been missing!”

Well we are off to Guangzhou this morning!  Hopefully the air quality is better. Off we go!

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