Published January 26, 2013 by megchristo

imageThis picture is for my sister. Growing up we loved the monchichi’s. My Halloween costume when I was in kindergarten was a monchichi. My mom found one of those old school plastic masks of a monchichi at Alco in Perry. Coupled that with my faux fur coat, and added a pink bow on the hood….voila I was a monchichi! So when I saw these in the gift shop at the jade factory, I had to get a picture. I couldn’t buy them because they didn’t quite match my picture of monchichi means happiness dressed in a communist uniform. At least I will have the picture to remember!:)

One comment on “Monchichi’s

  • Megan and Matt, I have to tell you I sat here reading your story of the girls and what you have all experienced with tears rolling down my face. And seriously…I can’t figure out if they are tears of happiness for your family and those wonderful little girls, or tears of sorrow for what they and so many orphans have to live without. God bless you all for allowing me to see into your new life and all the experiences you have had so far. Love you all so much!


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