Published January 22, 2013 by megchristo

Our journey to China has begun! MJ and I are now waiting in Chicago for our flight to Beijing. While I was boarding the flight in Des Moines I had tears in my eyes. I was thinking about how long we had planned for this day. I was thinking about finally holding my daughters in my arms. I was thinking about how much I was going to miss my boys while we are on this journey to our daughters.

While we were circling over Lake Michigan to land, we were flying over the fluffiest, whitest, most beautiful clouds. The kind of clouds that look like cotton candy, but I am sure would taste even sweeter. The sun was just beginning to rise giving the whole scene a heavenly, surreal glow. As we were flying over this glimpse into heaven, I was reliving childhood memories of when my sister and I would pass long summer days by laying on the grass and staring up into the heavens. We would point out clouds, and say what earthly shape they reminded us of….a dog, a heart, a monkey, etc. As soon as we would identify them as one thing they would begin to morph and take on a new shape. I think clouds and people are very similar. We are all constantly shifting and making ourselves into something new. Something even more beautiful than before.

I than began thinking of our new daughters. Soon they will be free of the label orphan. They will be Elle and Mae Christofferson. They will be American citizens. They will be our daughters…Gabe, Carsten, and Griffin’s sisters. They will be unconditionally loved, nurtured, and doted on. Most of all they will be free. Free to become the best people they can be. Little women destined to help shape the world around them. The possibilities are endless. I am thrilled to be able to watch them shift their shape into who they want to be. I am thrilled that one day they will call me mom, and shift the shape of the person I am today into a whole new form of me.

5 comments on “Clouds

  • I can’t contain it. I’m overwhelmed with the impact of your love Megan. You are incredible. Why am I so lucky to have you in MY life?!? Have a wonderful safe trip, I can’t wait to see you back here with the girls Love and hugs to all 7 of you!

  • I am beyond excited for you and your family!! The love you show for your family is so awesome!! I cannot wait to follow the journey of your beautiful family.

  • Such beautiful words, Megan! And such a beautiful and surreal experience you are having… going to get your girls!! Try to embed all the thoughts and feelings in your head so you will never forget how the days are enfolding!!

  • Love love love the updates. You deserve every damn minute of this blissful happiness. I’d ask you to adopt me but you’re kind of busy now. Lol. Just think when you, Elle & Mae are home you can crank up “girls girls girls!!!” ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡

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