Orphan Sunday

Published November 4, 2012 by megchristo

Did you know that there are more than 150,000,000 orphans in this world?  Can you even wrap you mind around that number, and what it means?  I can not.  I have tried to grasp the impact of 150 million orphans, and the number is just too large for me to visualize.  150 million children not knowing the love of family.  Every night these orphans go to sleep hoping and praying for a family to open their hearts and homes to include them.  November is “adoption month”, and today is called “Orphan Sunday.”  I have heard from several of my friends that they have considered adoption.  I ask for all of you to look again at the possibility of opening you homes and hearts to an orphan child.  I assure you the need is great whether you look at domestic or international adoption.

Matt and I started this journey nearly one year ago.  We began with the intentions of adopting one child from South Korea.  Fate quickly altered our path to China, and now we know that fate and faith have brought us two beautiful daughters.  I am proud to introduce to you the newest Christoffersons!Image

This is our precious Elle!  When I saw her face on the waiting child website, I knew she was my daughter!  I called our adoption agency, and asked to see her profile.  Problem was…another family was reviewing her file.  In my heart I knew that that family would say no, so I asked to be put on the waiting list to see her file.  After a couple of weeks, I had a strong feeling that I would get an email about her on September 23.  I kept checking my email on my phone because I knew I would be getting information.  Sure enough around noon on the 23rd I received an email asking if we were still interested in looking at her file.  I quickly fired off an email saying, “YES!  Please!”  As I was reading Elle’s file, I fell in love with her, her story, her challenges, her spirit, her face, and her eyes.  The way she looked at me through her pictures just tugged at my heart.  She was my daughter.  I knew her, and wished she could know me.  Now I needed MJ to know that she was his daughter too.  MJ knew that saying yes to Elle was saying yes to two.  Being practical, he had to really think about what this meant for us, our boys, our resources, etc.  I had been receiving “signs” that we were on the right path, but Matt hadn’t.  On Monday, October 1, I was leaving for a work meeting in Las Vegas.  As I was getting into the car to leave for the airport.  MJ popped his head into the garage and said, “Call them to tell them yes.  We will figure it out.  All of the reasons I can think of to say no are selfish.  Just call, and say yes.”  When I called to say yes, Sarah at the adoption agency began crying because she was so happy that Elle had found her home.  I was in an airport, so I was trying not to cry.  She then said, “Well, I hate to take away from this moment, but would you be interested in seeing another pumpkin’s file?”  I quickly said, “Yes!  Please send it quickly because I am getting on a plane, and will have to power down.”  I got the file with just enough time to send MJ a text saying, “Is this Mae?”  Yes it is Mae!  The Christofferson’s will be a small heard of 7, and I couldn’t be more happy, more scared, more anxious, more …. more! 🙂  We aren’t a perfect family, but we do have room for more love, more happiness, more challenges, more successes, more!  On this Orphan Sunday, I will end with one question.  Do you have room for more?



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