A Family on the Brink

Published October 14, 2012 by megchristo

It is official!  The Christofferson family is on the brink of growing from 5 to 7!  On Friday, October 12, we locked the files of our two daughters!  The oldest is 3 1/2 and is currently located in Luoyang in Henan province.  Her name is currently Yue Yan.  We will name her Michelle DeFore Yue, and call her Elle.  The youngest is 11 months old, and is currently in Kaifeng in Henan Provence.  Her name is Yi Ju.  We will name her Maelyn Ju Ann, and call her Mae.  We are over the moon excited!!!  We are also nervous, anxious, and overwhelmed.  Since Matt and I decided that we will be bringing two daughters into our family, I have had a serious case of nesting.  Worse than any thing I experienced with our boys.  I have decided we need to repaint, put in new carpet, and  a new countertop.  I also need MJ to get a new vehicle that will fit all of our family, a new table that will accommodate 7, and begin acquiring girl clothes and toys!  It’s a whole new world!  Why do I feel the urge to get this all done ASAP?  I have no explanation except to say, “Have you met me?!?”

We also have begun talking about the girls multiple times a day, and are showing the boys pictures of the girls.  Carsten and Griffin don’t really get it, but Gabe is excited.  We are hoping to talk Gabe into taking the trip with us to China, but he is hesitant.  We are thinking we should be traveling over late winter or early spring.

We should receive our pre-approval early this week.  Once we do, I will post pictures of our daughters!

7 comments on “A Family on the Brink

  • TWO daughters! They are so blessed to be added to your family! I remember when it was just a family of 3! Will have to come see everyone when they arrive. Love the names too!

  • Wow! Awesome news! Can’t wait to see the girls sweet faces! You are all lucky and so am I for having you in my life! Lots of love to all!
    Em and Brian

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